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About Debtors Anonymous

Debtors Anonymous offers hope for people whose use of unsecured debt causes problems and suffering in their lives and the lives of others. Most people incur debt at various points in their lives, whether taking out a student loan for college or buying a first car or a house. For some people, unsecured debt, which is debt not secured by some form of collateral such as a house or car, becomes an addictive and unmanageable part of their lives. Debting is more than just sensationalized shopping. It can cripple and ruin someone’s life. Debt is like alcohol for the alcoholic, food for the compulsive eater, and gambling for the compulsive gambler.

For many it is a false crutch that feeds fantasy and magnifies obsession. Many debtors are thousands of dollars in debt to credit-card companies, student-loan providers, the IRS, or to family members. Compulsive debtors often engage in compulsive shopping or underearning, or alternate between overspending and deprivation. Eventually, a person with a compulsive debting problem finds that life has become unmanageable.

In D.A., our purpose is threefold: to stop incurring unsecured debt, to share our experience with the newcomer, and to reach out to other debtors. Debtors Anonymous is a non-profit organization based on the Twelve-Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Compulsive debting can also affect those who are self-employed or business owners. For them, Business Debtors Anonymous meetings are available to address their specific needs.

Debtors Anonymous offers a program of recovery that works. Those who wish to stop debting are encouraged to attend meetings, read D.A. literature, seek the advice of a program sponsor, and follow the 12 Steps of the Debtors Anonymous program.

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Best Practices for Securing Liability Insurance for Meetings
  Increasingly insurance companies are requiring locations to require insurance of unaffiliated groups. NCDA formed a committee to pull together information in the fellowship and beyond about insurance coverage for recovery meetings, events and Intergroup. We want to share here a summary of that information, so all member meetings have a baseline of the situation, options to consider and information we have available.

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